Simulation of nanoparticle-mediated near-infrared thermal therapy using GATE

Vesna Cuplov, Frédéric Pain and Sébastien Jan

Application of nanotechnology for biomedicine in cancer therapy allows for direct delivery of anticancer agents to tumors. An example of such therapies is the nanoparticle-mediated near-infrared hyperthermia treatment. In order to investigate the influence of nanoparticle properties on the spatial distribution of heat in the tumor and healthy tissues, accurate simulations are required. The Geant4 Application for Emission Tomography (GATE) open-source simulation platform, based on the Geant4 toolkit, is widely used by the research community involved in molecular imaging, radiotherapy and optical imaging. We present an extension of GATE that can model nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermal therapy as well as simple heat diffusion in biological tissues. This new feature of GATE combined with optical imaging allows for the simulation of a theranostic scenario in which the patient is injected with theranostic nanosystems that can simultaneously deliver therapeutic (i.e. hyperthermia therapy) and imaging agents (i.e. fluorescence imaging).

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