NDPITools Plugin Bundle for ImageJ (v. 1.7.2)

The NDPITools plugins allow to drive, from ImageJ, the NDPITools programs (especially ndpisplit) to preview NDPI files and extract all or part of the images they contain. There is also a function to open TIFF files (possibly more general than ImageJ's one: TIFF files with JPEG compression are supported).

The NDPITools plugins, which reuse part of Jarek Sacha's Image I/O plugins, make use of the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) codecs released by SUN. The plugin bundle is completely self contained. All used codec classes are included in the bundle and there is no need to install JAI itself to use the bundle.

1. Plugins and locations

NDPITools plugins are inserted into ImageJ's menus in the following locations:

1.1. Plugins / NDPITools

1.2. Help / About Plugins

2. System Requirements

The NPDITools plugins bundle requires ImageJ 1.31s and Java 1.4 or later. It may work with 1.3. It was tested with ImageJ 1.33m, 1.46r, 1.47 and Java 1.6, on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

On Linux, there is a bug in at least some versions of OpenJDK 6 which prevents the opening of some TIFF files. Some workarounds:

3. Installation

  1. Download the latest binary release of the NDPITools ImageJ plugins from their home page: look for the file NDPITools_.jar.

  2. Put the file NDPITools_.jar into ImageJ's plugins directory. You can find the location of ImageJ's plugins directory by selecting Plugins / Utilities / ImageJ Properties in ImageJ's menus. Look for the value of tag Menus.getPlusInsPath near the middle of the displayed Properties window.

  3. Download the latest binary release of the ndpisplit program for your platform (e.g. ndpisplit.exe if you work under Windows). Put it in the same place as NDPITools_.jar above, or in any directory that belongs to the PATH.

  4. Restart ImageJ to load the newly installed plugins.

4. Quoting

If you use the NDPITools ImageJ plugins for research, please quote the following reference: Deroulers et al., Analyzing huge pathology images with open source software, Diagnostic Pathology 8:92 (2013).

5. Links